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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Weather info for Milwaukee

Come And Ride With Us!


Cream City Cycle Club  is a Milwaukee-based  bike club with more than 140 active members. CCCC is locally renowned for our schedule of weekly Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday group rides, many overnight camping rides, and our annual Century Classic ride, now in its 31st year.


CCCC rides are suitable for beginning recreational riders and veteran long distance riders alike. Our rides start from convenient Milwaukee metro locations as well as more rural ride starts, and range from 20 miles to 100+ distances during the season.

CCCC works with the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin and is a member of the League of American Bicyclists. We support local bicycling advocacy and cycling-oriented charitable organizations.

Benefits of membership:
  • participate in scenic and challenging bike routes
  • gain proficiency as a cyclist
  • friendship and camaraderie
  • safety and support on longer rides
  • news of upcoming cycling events and bicycling lore
  • discounts at local bike shops

2015 Wednesday Rides Need Plans and Leaders!

Building on the success we've had over the last couple of years, the club will once again hold Wednesday morning club rides beginning on April 22.  Ride leaders are needed for these rides. 
As it was last year, the Wednesday rides will start at 9:30 AM from a location at or near a restaurant where we'll enjoy lunch afterwards.  Each ride leader will provide a route of between 25 and 35 miles.  We will have a ride scheduled every Wednesday from April 22 throughOctober 28.  That means that there are 28 Wednesdays needing leaders. 
Contact Mike Sommers at if you can lead one of these rides. 

   Potluck Dinner At The April 28 CCCC Club Meeting

The annual Cream City CC Potluck Dinner and first 2015 Club Meeting will be held April 28 at 6:30 p.m. at the Mayfair Mall Community Room G110, in Directory Zone C, on the mall lower level. Mayfair Mall is at 2500 N Mayfair Rd.
Club member Mike Sommers will show and tell about his experiences on one of his epic bicycle tours prior to the club meeting start at 7:30 p.m.
Bring a main dish, salad, or dessert to share with your club members.

  CCCC Century 2015 Alert! - Sunday, August 30 -Save The Date!

The Cream City Cycle Club Century 2015 date is set for Sunday, August 30. As winter has a grip on us cyclists, we also need to look forward to better things. Another year and a another century will be here before you know it. We will be in need of some key positions in order to move forward with the 2015 century.
We need the following commitments for key positions: Registration Chairperson, Sag Chairperson, Rest Stop Managers (for Lagrange and East Troy).
Elkhorn rest stop manager is filled. We will need to get these positions filled in order to move forward with the century for this year. We will need committments by March 1st, 2015. If you can help out, let me know.
Brian Musha
Century Chairperson  

  New Mobile Format for Cream City Cycle Club Website   


If you've used a smartphone, be it Android or iPhone, to check out the Cream City CC website recently, you've noticed the new mobile-friendly format. It's not an app, but it makes the website easier to use. The layout seems to work OK with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. 


New features include a toolbar at the bottom of the screen, with five icons therein.


1) The "bars" icon take you to the top of the Home Page and displays the Menu Tabs in a vertical row. 

2) The "lock" icon displays if you aren't logged in. Touch it and it will change to a silhouette and display your login prompts, and your profile info.

3) The "monitor" icon displays the full web page format. The "phone" icon switches you back to the mobile layout.
4) The "printer" icon...never mind, it doesn't print anything.
5) the "arrow" icon sends you to the top of the page you are browsing.
The Events Calendar has a whole new look. It defaults to the Monthly List View, with event details shown when you touch the blue text link. A grid icon at the top of the events list toggles the monthly grid view on. Touching any event listing box displays the event details and description. 

Check it out, and let me know if you experience problems with it. The feature may still have some bugs in it. 

John Chaplock, Webmaster,

Avenza PDF Maps Mobile - A Must Have for Cream City CC Riders


Available soon, all Cream City Cycle Club ride cue sheets (and later, route maps) available in the website Document Library can be downloaded to your smartphone! This is a very cool new feature that you can use! You will need to download the cue sheets to a folder on your smartphone first. You can then use the free Avenza PDF Maps app described below to open and view them. Since they install to your phone storage, you do NOT need cell reception to use your cue sheet or map. The documents are scrollable and pinch-zoom enabled on your phone. 


Avenza Systems has made mobile GIS technology available on Apple and Android devices for everybody to use.

The PDF Maps app is a geospatial PDF, GeoPDF® and GeoTIFF reader for your Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Easily search for and browse thousands of professionally made maps available in the PDF Maps Store. Interact with spatially referenced maps to view your location, record GPS tracks, add placemarks, and find places.

For the geospatial community, PDF Maps complimentsMAPublisher and Geographic Imager, both of which have the ability to export to geospatial PDF and GeoTIFF. The formats are also supported by common GIS applications including ArcGIS.

Check the website for details on downloading the app and finding mobile GPS maps: 

Posted by Doug Shidell, March 17th , 2014. on  

The Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin Bike Map is now available for your phone or tablet. Called the SE Wisconsin Bike Map, it covers bike routes and trails in SE Wisconsin from the Illinois border to Port Washington and as far west as the South Kettle Moraine. With this map you can comfortably navigate from Milwaukee’s Downtown to the upscale tourist town of Lake Geneva or the Kettle Moraine. 

Explore the Oak Leaf Trail, Glacial Drumlin Trail, Ozaukee Interurban Trail, Hank Aaron Trail plus dozens of smaller trails and hundreds of miles of bicycle friendly roads. Version 1.0 is a prototype. The routes and trails are current, but it still needs some tweaks and design work. This version is free for testing and feedback. Please send comments through 

Get the App, Get the Map. (Note: The SE Wis map isn't free any more, it's $3.99, but very much worth it! - John C, Cream City CC)

1. Go to the App store or Google Play and search for “Avenza.” 
2. Download the free app. You only have to do this once. 
3. Then go to the Avenza Map Store by opening the App and clicking the “store” icon at the bottom of   the page. 
4. Search for “Bikeverywhere” in the search box. You will see all the maps developed so far by Bikeverywhere. 

Problems? Comments? Suggestions? Contact me through or on Facebook.
I’m looking to make this the best bike map you will ever use on your phone. Your feedback will help me make the improvements that you want the most.

  Have You Checked Out The Cream City CC Forums??

The ClubExpress Forums feature has been a part of this website since it went online, but to date, it hasn't gotten any use. That's probably my fault for not making it a point to alert Cream City CC members to its useful features.
What Forums is, is a venue for any club member to start a discussion topic about practically anything, or to reply and comment on topics started by other members. That is, you can engage in wide-ranging monologues, dialogues, observations, suggestions, rants, pleas, and philosophical and trivial topics alike. You can do this without need to send emails back and forth to club members,  although Forums does have an email send and receive feature that isn't enabled at this time. 
I've started a few sample topics in the Forums section, which you can access by clicking on the Forums tab at the left of the Home Page. Below is some help from ClubExpress on the Forums feature. You can also read up on Forums features at Page 78 in the ClubExpress User's Manual, which you can find at the bottom of your Member Profile listing page. There's a video tutorial there too.  The User's Manual is also in the Document Library under the ClubExpress folder icon.

ClubExpress includes a powerful discussion forums module, allowing members to participate in online discussions on a variety of topics. Original messages and their replies are organized into threads that are listed within a forum. Forums in turn are grouped into categories, allowing a club or association to organize forums for different purposes


Clicking the forum name displays a list of threads in the forum, as shown in the

following screen:



Each row is a separate thread, showing the author of the first post, the thread subject, number of messages in the thread, the number of times the thread has been viewed, and the date and author of the most recent post. You can change the sort order by clicking the Subject and Last Post headings. Clicking on a heading a second time changes the direction of the sort.


A thread can be “pinned” to the top of a forum so that it’s always visible. Pinned threads are shown with a different background color and a pin icon. If messages were posted to a forum since your last visit, a special symbol is displayed in the Last Post column.


If there are more threads in the forum than will fit on a single screen (based on the number of messages per screen configured in your profile), the Prev, Next, and paging controls will be active, allowing you to move to any page of threads. To select a different forum, click the Go To Forum drop-down in the top right corner. To start a new thread, click Start New Thread in the top left corner. To modify your individual preferences for this forum, click the My Forum Preferences button. You will be taken to the preferences screen in your Profile, described in detail in Chapter 8 of the ClubExpress Users Manual. 


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bicycles and gear, and bicycling news features.
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CCCC Website Handy Tip #1

Here's an easy way to open the CCCC Ride & Events Calendar with one click, right from your Windows Desktop. (Sorry, Mac users, you'll have to do this with a Mac function). 

1. Right click anywhere on your PC desktop.
2. Select New > Shortcut from the popup menu.
3. In the Create Shortcut window that opens, in the field labeled "Type the location of the item:     then  enter "" (without the quotes). 
4. Then click the Next button at bottom right of the window.
5. Type a name for the new shortcut, like "CCCC Web Calendar"
5. Click the Finish button at bottom right of the Create Shortcut window.

A new desktop icon should appear where you right-clicked to start the shortcut. Double clicking the icon should open the CCCC Events Grid View calendar for you.

That's it!