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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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Come And Ride With Us!


Cream City Cycle Club  is a Milwaukee-based  bike club with more than 130 active members. CCCC is locally renowned for our schedule of weekly Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday group rides, many overnight camping rides, and our annual Century Classic ride.


CCCC rides are suitable for beginning recreational riders and veteran long distance riders alike. Our rides start from convenient Milwaukee metro locations as well as more rural ride starts, and range from 20 miles to 100+ distances during the season.

CCCC works with the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin and is a member of the League of American Bicyclists. We support local bicycling advocacy and cycling-oriented charitable organizations.

Benefits of membership:
  • participate in scenic and challenging bike routes
  • gain proficiency as a cyclist
  • friendship and camaraderie
  • safety and support on longer rides
  • news of upcoming cycling events and bicycling lore
  • discounts at local bike shops


   2016 New Ride Guidelines and Ride Leader Notes



Weekend Ride Start Times


The ride start times for April and October will continue to be 10:00 AM.  The starting times for the majority of the May through September rides will be 9:00.  Please note the start times when planning to attend a ride.                                      


2016 Weekend Ride Guidelines


  • All Cream City CC members will need to print their own cue sheets by downloading them from the CCCC website Documents Library and printing them out -  or uploading them to their Venza PDF Maps or similar smartphone app. The route maps are not currently available on the CCCC website. Members will need to provide their own maps for any scheduled weekend There will be no ride packets provided at ride starts. Wednesday Ride cue sheets will usually be provided by the Wednesday Ride leaders. 
  • There are a few .gpx or .tcx files now added to the Document Library, provided by individual club members. These are unofficial and unverified for accuracy compared to the printed cue sheets, but they are available for members riding with GPS devices. 
New Feature!!
The Ride Description page for each ride for 2016 has links to the ride cue sheets (look below the Ride Leader names listed). You can click on these and download the cue sheets directly from there, as well as from the Document Library ride folders.
  • The weekend rides will be grouped as (A) 16 mph avg. or better (B) 13-15 mph avg. (C) 10-12 mph avg. and (D) under 10 mph avg.  It is advisable that you know your own average ride pace and capabilities to help you choose the right group with which to ride.
  • Routes usually will not be checked prior to ride day.  The Ride Leader, on his/her own option, may pre-check a route. Therefore you may encounter closed roads, construction obstacles, and other navigation issues for you as a rider. You will need to decide how you are going to handle it, such as finding your own route around a closed road, or deciding on an alternate route with your ride group.

Ride Leaders


  • Ride Leaders will need to print out the new all-in-one signup and waiver form and complete it, making sure that all riders have signed in. Also, you should have at least 5 copies of the cue sheet with you for riders who failed to bring their own. Otherwise the non-members without cue sheets will need to ride with the group of their ability on that day’s ride.
  • You can download the Ride Signup Form from here or from the Document Library.
  • The Ride Leader will start the ride having grouped riders by their ability or chosen ride pace and ride with the group of similar pace, or is most in need of Ride Leader support.
  • At the end of each ride, the Ride Leader is to return the sign-up sheet to the Ride Committee by scanning it and sending it to:

Or mail it to: Cream City Cycle Club

                        c/o Ride Committee

                        P.O. Box 894,

                        Milwaukee, WI, 53201-0894 


Weekend Ride Pace Scale


We have also added a new ride pace scale to our rides so that our riders know what to expect.

Pacing averages will be as follows:

"A" = 16 mph and above. Fast pace, sometimes over 20 MPH, dropping allowed. You will need to keep that pace to stay with the group.

"B" = 13-16 mph - Average pace, might get to 20 mph, will regroup at mid points, no-drop riding.
"C" = 10-13 mph - Recreational pace, might get up to 18 mph, will regroup at mid points. No-drop riding will be enforced on the ride.
"D" = 10 mph or less - Group riding at this pace. We will go at the speed of the group. No-drop riding will be enforced on the ride.

   Wednesday Morning Social Rides


The club offers rides on Wednesday mornings that are designed to be social rides whereby the riders ride together and no one is left behind.  Most of these rides start at an eating establishment where the group has lunch afterwards.   See for the ride starting times and locations.


Thursday Evening Social Rides


The ride schedule includes rides on first Thursday evening of the month (May through September) provided there is a preassigned ride leader. These rides are designated as “Thirsty Thursday” rides. They start at 6:00 PM from local parks and are less than 20 miles in length based on the amount of remaining daylight.  After the ride, stick around for some social interaction and to quench your thirst at a nearby venue.  See for the ride starting times and locations.


CCCC Camping Rides



When space is limited, priority will be given to club members up to 2 weeks before the trip. So, don’t be disappointed. Call the trip leader in advance.


The cost for the camp site will be $5 per person per night for all participants.  A two night minimum charge will be required, except for the Self-contained riders.


Ride types

Looped:  Also known as car camping. Drive a car or carpool to the chosen campground and put up your tent for the weekend. All Cream City rides start at the campground and loop back to the start.

Self-contained: Carry all your gear with you on the ride to the campground. Everything, clothing, tent, etc. you need for yourself is contained on your bike. (No sags here)



CCCC Ride Leader Sign-Up
To volunteer to be a Ride Leader on a CCCC ride, click on the button below to send an email to the Ride Committee. Be sure to note the Ride Name, Ride Date, and Distance you want to lead, and your contact information, if it isn't in the CCCC Member Directory. 
New, revised ride cancellation policy! If a Ride Leader is not assigned to an upcoming ride by midnight of the Thursday preceding the ride date, the ride will be CANCELLED!

  Lad  Lake Kettle Classic On For June 18th

The Lad Lake Kettle Classic is a benefit event for Lad Lake which gives guidance to troubled youth and their families.
Most of us who use the Glacial Drumlin Trail to escape Waukesha traffic cross Lad Lake Drive right after crossing Waterville Road on our way west toward Dousman. If you get off the trail on Waterville Road and turn north toward Delafield, you will immediately pass the entrance to Lad Lake Drive on your left.
The Kettle Classic includes something for people who like to bike, run, or walk. There are three bike routes (15 mi, 30 mi, and a new 100K), a 5K run, and a 2 mile nature hike.
All three events start and end on the Dousman campus of Lad Lake.
The 30 mile bike route is in Ottawa and includes one rest stop. The 100 K is in Ottawa and Jefferson and includes 2 rest stops. The 30 and 100K rides have a few rolling hills, but most of the route is fairly flat. All three routes are very rural and scenic.
The 5K run is right on the Lad Lake grounds, and includes four loops through varying terrain with woods and open fields.
The nature walk is guided by Marlin Johnson from the UW-Waukesha Field Station on the other side of Waterville Road.
Afterward there is a GREAT lunch under tents next to the lake. Many of us probably never knew there was a lake down there when we did that big loop after Waterville Road. Charles Benson from Channel 4 (also a competitive biker) will be there again this year.
The 100K ride starts at 7 AM, but all the other events start at 9 AM.
Also new this year is the addition of motorcycle route support on the bike rides. That is being provided by Guardian of the Children. So, besides the sag vehicles who will be called if you have a problem, you will see their friendly faces out there. Stop at their table and talk to Gypsy to learn more about Guardian of the Children.
The fees for the Kettle Classic are $30 for individuals on the ride and run, and $20 for individuals on the walk who sign up in May. You can also sign up the day of the event.

Ride In Russia This Summer!  ?

Join our Jubilee International Golden Ring of Russia bike  tour  and other bike tours this summer. That is more than just a tour, but real cultural event orginized by Russian Cycle Touring club.
We  have  been  running this tour since 1996 and had participants from all over the world.
Article about Golden Ring tour in Cycling World -
GRR tour is on World’s top 50 riding experiences according to RideOn

Visit and for details.

  Tour Highlights:

•      Picturesque Russian countryside
•      Meeting Russian people from a range of backgrounds
•      Russian cuisine
•      Russian bath house (banya)
•      Small local museums and exhibitions
•      Orthodox churches and monasteries
•      Cycling with local cyclists

  Photos from our previous tours you can look at

Do not hesitate to contact me.

Vladimir Filippov
Russian Cycle Touring Club
Facebook -
Bike Tour Reviews -

  CCCC Century 2016 Alert! - Sunday, August 28 -Save The Date!

The Cream City Cycle Club Century 2016 date is set for Sunday, August 28. As winter has a grip on us cyclists, we also need to look forward to better things. Another year and a another century will be here before you know it. We will be in need of some key positions in order to move forward with the 2016 century.
We will need the commitments for key positions: Registration Chairperson, Sag Chairperson, Rest Stop Managers, and more. (for Lagrange and East Troy).
We will need to get several positions filled in order to move forward with the century for this year. We will need committments by March 1st, 2016. If you can help out, let me know. \\
Brian Musha
Century Chairperson  

  New Mobile Format for Cream City Cycle Club Website   


If you've used a smartphone, be it Android or iPhone, to check out the Cream City CC website recently, you've noticed the new mobile-friendly format. It's not an app, but it makes the website easier to use. The layout seems to work OK with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. 


New features include a toolbar at the bottom of the screen, with five icons therein.


1) The "bars" icon take you to the top of the Home Page and displays the Menu Tabs in a vertical row. 

2) The "lock" icon displays if you aren't logged in. Touch it and it will change to a silhouette and display your login prompts, and your profile info.

3) The "monitor" icon displays the full web page format. The "phone" icon switches you back to the mobile layout.
4) The "printer" icon...never mind, it doesn't print anything.
5) the "arrow" icon sends you to the top of the page you are browsing.
The Events Calendar has a whole new look. It defaults to the Monthly List View, with event details shown when you touch the blue text link. A grid icon at the top of the events list toggles the monthly grid view on. Touching any event listing box displays the event details and description. 

Check it out, and let me know if you experience problems with it. The feature may still have some bugs in it. 

John Chaplock, Webmaster,

Recent Club Event Photos

Weekly Ride Photos


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CCCC Website Handy Tip #1

Here's an easy way to open the CCCC Ride & Events Calendar with one click, right from your Windows Desktop. (Sorry, Mac users, you'll have to do this with a Mac function). 

1. Right click anywhere on your PC desktop.
2. Select New > Shortcut from the popup menu.
3. In the Create Shortcut window that opens, in the field labeled "Type the location of the item:     then  enter "" (without the quotes). 
4. Then click the Next button at bottom right of the window.
5. Type a name for the new shortcut, like "CCCC Web Calendar"
5. Click the Finish button at bottom right of the Create Shortcut window.

A new desktop icon should appear where you right-clicked to start the shortcut. Double clicking the icon should open the CCCC Events Grid View calendar for you.

That's it!